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Tools to analyze nuclear function,
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Featured Products

Nuclear Complex Co-IP Kit

Nuclear Complex
Co-IP Kit

of nuclear
protein complexes.

ChIP Normalization


Reduce unwanted
variation to
reveal latent
biological effects.

ModSpec Service

Mod Spec

of histone PTMs
using mass


An extensive collection of highly validated
antibodies for epigenetics & gene regulation
research. Antibody categories include,

• AbFlex® Recombinants
• Chromatin Modifying Proteins
• DNA Methylation
• Stem Cells
• Transcription Factors
• Histone Modifications
• ChIP-Seq Validated


Antibodies for Epigenetics

Custom Services


Custom Epigenetic
Gene Regulation
services to accelerate
your research.

Active Motif

ChIP & ChIP-Seq Products

The largest range of assays, antibodies, and services for ChIP and ChIP-Seq. Our kits include low cell number, transcription factor, fixed-formalin paraffin embedded (FFPE) and many more.

New Products

New Products

Our latest products and custom
services for studying epigenetics
and gene regulation.


DNA Methylation Products & Services

DNA Methylation

Active Motif provides a variety of products for the study of DNA Methylation including antibodies,
kits, and recombinant proteins.

Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant Proteins

Active Motif offers a complete
line of recombinant proteins that
are available in small scale and
bulk quantities.