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Functional Genomics - LightSwitch™

Functional Genomics - LightSwitch™

Genome in - Function Out

Functional genomics uses genomic data to study gene & protein expression and function on a global scale. Cell-based screening using luciferase reporter assays is a powerful approach for high-throughput gene function discovery as well as drug discovery to assess pathway activity.

Active Motif has taken advantage of the power of reporter assay to develop a complete system specifically optimized for gene regulation experiments. With a genome-wide library of over 30,000 cloned regulatory elements, a highly optimized Renilla luciferase (RenSP) vector system and assay reagents, the LightSwitch™ Luciferase Assay System is the optimal solution for your gene regulation studies.

LightSwitch Assay System

Advantages of the LightSwitch™ System

  • Endogenous human elements (30k total) = Real Biology
    Over 30,000 transfection ready promoters, 3´UTRs, and response elements all in the same vector system .
  • Simple, fast, complete solution
    Eliminate the need for assay development and screen immediately with the pre-cloned vectors and tightly optimized assay reagents and protocols.
  • Quantitative
    The novel RenSP luciferase technology allows you to measure promoter activity with unparalleled sensitivity and dynamic range.
  • Scalable, flexible format options
    Convenient 96 to 1,536-well formats available, use for a small number of samples or thousands of assays in a large screen.